​​​Not by Years - But Disposition is Wisdom Acquired

Kansas City Gynecological Society

The KC Gyn Society office will be closed November 22-30, 2018. Sorry for any inconvenience. Please submit your questions or requests on our contact page. We will answer as soon as possible. 

The Kansas City Gynecological Society, founded in 1932,unites in one organization physicians who are interested in the disciplines of obstetrics and gynecology and those who are or have been engaged in the practice of those specialties within greater Kansas City and surrounding area. We encourage and stimulate interest in the scientific and clinical aspects of obstetrics and gynecology through the dissemination of information, research, studies and all manner of scientific investigation relating to advancements in obstetrical treatment and to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of gynecological diseases and disorders.

Through our educational efforts we try to formulate evidence-based standards and principles for the practice of obstetrics and gynecology in the greater Kansas City area and the surrounding area. We are committed to fostering the health of the community and encourage public support of obstetrics and gynecology by conducting, supporting or participating in educational and training programs designed to inform the public about obstetrical and gynecological conditions, their detection and treatment.